cadys falls nursery hypertufa troughs
    We are now accepting orders for hypertufa troughs, designed and constructed here at the nursery by Don Avery. These troughs are the real thing, built to withstand the extremes of northern winters. The walls are 2” to 2 3/4” thick and are reinforced with 3/8” welded steel rod. Our formula is Portland Cement, course sand with pebbles and milled peatmoss, in  a ratio of 1:1:1.3. Our original trough was constructed in 2007 and has been outside, unprotected, in sub-zero temperatures for ten years, aging beautifully with no signs of cracking.
    We offer troughs in eight distinct shapes and sizes. We will confirm completion dates as we receive enough orders for production runs of five or more troughs of different sizes. This is dictated by the fact that we have just one wooden form for each trough. Click on the link below for specifications and prices. Customers should be prepared to pick up at the nursery. However, delivery might be arranged for large orders.
    Please note that we plan to continue making troughs in years to come when the nursery is no longer open for regular sales.
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Cady’s Falls Nursery
Don & Lela Avery
637 Duhamel Rd.  Morrisville, Vt. 05661
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In the wood shop - December 2014
Forms ready to pour - September 2015
Freshly poured hypertufa, setting up in the barn
Removing the forms
Big Bear Trough - 20” x 30” x 13”
Welded steel reenforcing rod in place
Tall Taper Trough - 22” x 29” x 12”
Extra Large Taper Trough - 24” x 57” x 16”
New troughs cured and ready for planting - summer 2016
Our Original Trough after ten years
Fresh troughs kept damp, curing for one month.
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