Cady’s Falls Nursery is a family-operated, retail nursery in northern Vermont, founded in 1980. We offer a wide selection of garden-worthy, herbaceous perennials and woody plants for northern gardens. We produce about 15,000 plants a year and we propagate 95% of these here at the nursery.
We grow many classic stalwarts as well as many rare and hard-to-find plants. Some of the distinctive plants we propagate include dwarf and weeping conifers, native ladyslippers, native ferns, bog plants, aquatics, alpines, cacti and  Itoh hybrid peonies.
We have some old-fashioned notions about running a nursery and  making a living selling plants. Most significantly, we have chosen to remain small so that we can stay focused on the things that are important to us. These include the evolution of our gardens, the quality of the plants we grow and the quality of the experience people have when they visit our nursery.                              
It is also important that this be a decent and pleasant place to work. Over the decades, many dozens of hard working people have helped make Cady’s Falls Nursery what it is today. We are especially grateful to our two stalwart employees of many years, Nate Purich and Barb Newhall.
It gives us great satisfaction to have been able to share our gardening journey with so many wonderful people over the years and to have earned a reputation as one of the horticultural highlights of New England.
                                        We thank you all,
                                        Don and Lela Avery
                            Please note:
   We are a walk-in nursery and we do not ship plants.
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Cady’s Falls Nursery
Don & Lela Avery
637 Duhamel Rd.  Morrisville, Vt. 05661
802-888-5559    avery@vtusa.net
“Their nursery, operated out of a monumental dairy barn in
the Northeast Kingdom, is a tour de force of rural horticulture.”  
Ruah Donnelly, The Adventurous Gardener  2000
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This year we are offering a small selection of Don’s horticultural and botanical  photographs.  For more information please click here:
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